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2009-04-08 11:18:14 by Majorgeneral

Ok first off if you see spelling mistakes my bad, yeah I know man this kid is 17 what a freak wah. SORRY it's this stupid laptop the buttons lag so I have to wait 2 seconds before I see what I typed sorry I will be more careful and also don't forget to Review my work so thanks yours truly The Major General


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2009-04-11 09:06:45

Do you only submit audio to the portal? What about flash movies?

Majorgeneral responds:

For now just audio but I'm storyboardind potential flash movies in Microsoft Powerpoint but soon I maybe putting something in but I doubt I will put in flash submissions. here's the deal I start something get about an hour into it and get PO'd and stop but I'm better with music than I am with Flash I'm trying to hook with my friend Devon (manguusu, his newground's profile) but that's been hitting a wall.