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just saying hey to my fans

2009-04-20 21:50:41 by Majorgeneral

Wow this is great I'm gaining new fans everyday and I must say thank you all those people who have Listened, Reviewed, and or downloaded my songs you guys make me proud, thank you

also soon my friend Kamari-no-Hyrule will be posting a flash that has some of my voice-acting skills, I may be 2 characters in the flash depending on if she uses my stewie griffin voice but this will be a funny flash movie don't know when it will be completed but remember this my first line will be "Hey HEY, look smile for the camera." thanks for listing in

The Major General.


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2009-04-20 21:51:53

Why are you leaving us?? :[

Majorgeneral responds:

No no just saying thank you to my fans I've been loving my reviews and I want to see more no need to fear, The Major General will be staying on newgrounds for a long time