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100 Audio Submissions

2009-11-13 23:38:19 by Majorgeneral

Well I finally reached 100 audio submissions. It's been a fun year but now I'm taking a long hiatus to work on some new songs and a collab song with Box-Killa. so if your new to my page I suggest you take a look at these songs to start

My Grand Entrance
My Epic Escape

Well I'm Major General so enjoy Newgrounds

100 Audio Submissions


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2009-11-22 15:15:43

I spoke too soon i guess you to also use FL STUDIO which is WONDERFULL =D

WOOOT! we can help each other then woot woot! Yes i orchestrate using VST

Majorgeneral responds:

That sounds cool I like the idea of collaborating with you. you got some cool orchestrial songs and I have some requests and you could request songs from me, I am working on some new big band style remixes and am going to make covers of Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga


2009-11-22 15:16:07

And lol i passed 100 submissions so long ago ^_^

Majorgeneral responds:

Yeah I managed 100 on my first year :D