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No more music for now at least

2010-07-11 23:45:24 by Majorgeneral

It's been awhile and I know I made a big list of remix's I was going to post but I got my computer re-imaged and so no more music I don't know when I'll be able to start remixing again soon



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2011-01-03 13:42:35

MAKE SOME MORE STREET FIGHTER MUSIC! I would like to request Dudley's Theme (YOU BLOW MY MIND) From Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, please!

Majorgeneral responds:

I'm working on getting the music program back but all I can do right now is chiptune remix's so you will just have to be patiant for now, sorry.


2011-01-24 01:34:07

That blows. Anyway, do you think you could make a remix of the Bros. Battle from M&L:BIS?

Majorgeneral responds:

I'll try but I can't promise you.