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"Thanks for the review."

2011-02-17 21:42:15 by Majorgeneral

I don't really know why I'm writing this but just go with me here. I post something and you review. most of the time I use the simple reply of "Thanks for the review." people ask me why I say that all the time, the answer is simple. I am grateful for positive reviews and kind words you all give me for my music remix's. I try to spice things up with saying something different, but the truth is that I don't really have a better response to give. I'm not mad that I get asked that alot but I'm just saying. I've been very busy with college and all and I try to read every review I get. Heck I have missed reviews I have gotten a year early but I respond to it. anyway to close this message up I love the reviews and people who like me and my work on Newgrounds, but because of my limited time I can't always say something different than "Thanks for the review."

--Update on my music program problem--
I haven't been able to get my program back but when I do I will have somthing good for you.



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2011-02-18 06:34:02

Hows RAAAWWWR! =) for a positive review? +)

Majorgeneral responds:

I like it. :)


2011-03-15 17:07:13

How about "Let's see you do it" or "Go screw your mom for negative."