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2009-04-23 21:52:08 by Majorgeneral

Okay I just post two new songs and their getting the shit kicked out of them with bad votes I want reviews telling me why they are bad please throw me a freaking bone here.... please critism is in order here not pissy votes tell me why please.

REVIEW (Goldeneye 64 Control Center and tell me why you dislike)


just saying hey to my fans

2009-04-20 21:50:41 by Majorgeneral

Wow this is great I'm gaining new fans everyday and I must say thank you all those people who have Listened, Reviewed, and or downloaded my songs you guys make me proud, thank you

also soon my friend Kamari-no-Hyrule will be posting a flash that has some of my voice-acting skills, I may be 2 characters in the flash depending on if she uses my stewie griffin voice but this will be a funny flash movie don't know when it will be completed but remember this my first line will be "Hey HEY, look smile for the camera." thanks for listing in

The Major General.


2009-04-08 11:18:14 by Majorgeneral

Ok first off if you see spelling mistakes my bad, yeah I know man this kid is 17 what a freak wah. SORRY it's this stupid laptop the buttons lag so I have to wait 2 seconds before I see what I typed sorry I will be more careful and also don't forget to Review my work so thanks yours truly The Major General

Reviews Please

2009-03-30 18:08:22 by Majorgeneral

I know it might take a while but if you listen to my songs please i want to see some in-put on my stuff Please just putting it out there.


2009-03-29 20:59:44 by Majorgeneral

Yeah so I am a little new at Newgrounds LOL...well with the whole account thing i've been visiting newgrounds for years so if you see a little thing with some of my remix's just ignore it but I do want you to E-Mail me Cause i want to see my music in action sorry about that so okay